obtaining money resources. Businesses usually have to obtain finance at some time, either to go into business or expand operations. Glossary of Business Terms

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financing fi‧nan‧cing [ˈfaɪnænsɪŋ ǁ fˈnænsɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
BANKING the money provided for an investment, and the arrangements for providing it:

• the financing of new roads

• He said he hadn't carefully considered the project's financing.

• They put together a financing package (= a set of different forms of financing ) to back their takeover bid for the high-street chain.

• An equity offering is the most important part of the company's financing plan.

creˌative ˈfinancing BANKING
unusual but not illegal ways of getting or providing finance:

• Creative financing plans typically include lower payments in the earlier years of the financing plan and interest rates that can change during the entire term of the loan.

ˌdebtor-in-posˈsession ˌfinancing BANKING
when a debtor company is allowed to keep possession of its assets while it is given financial help to organize a way to pay its debt:

• Normal operations will continue, thanks largely to $50 million in debtor-in-possession financing secured from the bank.

ˈdeficit ˌfinancing TAX
when government spending not paid for by taxes is paid for by borrowing:

• The government might have to issue deficit financing bonds to cover falling tax revenues during the coming fiscal year.

ˈequity ˌfinancing FINANCE
when a company obtains money for investment by making shares available, rather than by using bonds or bank loans:

• The new Class C common shares will improve the group's ability to use equity financing to support and expand its operations.

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financing UK US /ˈfaɪnænsɪŋ/ noun [U or C]
FINANCE money that a person or company borrows for a particular purpose, or the process of getting this money or arranging for it to be paid: apply for/arrange/get financing (for sth) »

When you've found the land you want to buy, you'll need to apply for financing.

offer/provide financing (for sth) »

The bank agreed to provide financing for a new warehouse.


a financing arrangement/deal/plan


short-term financing

See also CREATIVE FINANCING(Cf. creative financing), DEBTOR-IN-POSSESSION FINANCING(Cf. ↑debtor-in-possession financing), DEFICIT FINANCING(Cf. ↑deficit financing), EARLY-STAGE(Cf. ↑early-stage), EQUITY FINANCE(Cf. ↑equity finance), FIRST-ROUND FINANCING(Cf. ↑first-round financing), SELF-FINANCING(Cf. ↑self-financing), TAKEOUT FINANCING(Cf. ↑takeout financing)

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